To create your NotesMate account, select Sign Up option and fill all the mandatory fields that is “Name, Mobile number, email address, and Password” and you are all set to use your NotesMate.
To upload and broadcast your notes on NotesMate you need to register. However we highly recommend that you get yourself registered for best deals and more options, get on board in 30 seconds.
For uploading or selling notes create your account and upload notes. Set your price for other to purchase and get paid.

Similarly, for buying notes create your account either on mobile app or website and search from a large variety of notes categories. With Notesmate, you can also create your own channel to share your own series of notes!
The validation process allows us to establish that the email address is genuine, and that you didn’t make a mistake when entering it. It is essential that we have your correct email address in case we need to contact you. Also you will get carefully curated list of notes as per your requirements.