3D Geometry NCERT Notes for CBSE Class 12th Maths

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CBSE Class 12th Maths Notes for NCERT, Chapter 3D Geometry. Direction Rations. Direction Cosines. Straight line Space in both Vector Equation and Cartesian Equation. Equation of a line passing through one point. Equation of line pass thing through two points If two lines are perpendicular Angle between two lines. Shortest distance between two skew lines. Plane equations in both vector and Cartesian Equations. Equation of plane if normal drawn from origin. Equation of plane if normal drawn from any other point. Important relations between plane and normal. Formulae of equation of plane passing through one point, vector equation and Cartesian equation. Equation of plane passing through 3 points. Intercept form. Equation of plane passing through intersection of 2 planes. Angle between 2 planes. Angle between line and a plane. Perpendicular distance of a lint from plane. Condition of coplanarity. Distance between parallel planes with Formulae and Examples. Special cases of 3D Geomet

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