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Business Policy And Strategy

Notes for Business Policy and Strategy designed according to IP University guidelines. Includes - Introduction, Strategic Management Process, Environmental Analysis, Analysis of Internal Resources, Formulation of Strategy, Major issues involved in implementation or strategy.

Nature, Scope and importance of business policy, evolution of business policy, forecasting, long range planning, strategic planning and strategic management, strategic management process, formulation phase- vision, mission, environmental scanning, ob...

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Strengths and weaknesses, Resource Audit, Strategic Advantage Analysis, Value chain Approach to Internal Analysis, Methods of Analysis and Diagnosing Corporate Capabilities - Functional Area Profile and Resources Deployment Matrix, Strategic Advantag...

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Approaches to Strategy formation, major strategy options- Stability, Growth and Expansion, Diversification, Retrenchment, Mixed Strategy, Choice of Strategy - BCG Model, Stoplight Strategy Model, DPM Model, Market Product Evolution Matrix, PIMS Model

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Need, Features and Categorization of Environmental Factors, Approaches to Environmental Scanning Process - Structural Analysis of Competitive Environment, ETOP

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